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With the technical and management training for all company staff, ChiHon Biotechnology has been benefiting from the strong R&D ability and rich experiences on production management.

With the outstanding R&D system and professional R&D people, ChiHon Biotechnology has been benefiting from the leading position among Nisin and Natamycin manufacturers. Chihon Biotechnology brings together a group of high-quality professional and technical personnel, including the experts of Genetic Technology, Cellular Engineering, Bio-reaction Engineering, Bio-reactor Technology, Chemical Engineering, Food Engineering. Based on the rich experiences in pharmaceutical production management, strong R&D team, close cooperation with the famous domestic and international universities, Chihon Biotechnology has been devoting to the development and research of the Nisin and Natamycin products, and it determines Chihon Biotechnology's leading position in the relevant manufacturing industry. ChiHon Biotechnology is renowned with 4 patents approved domestically, and 1 patent is being approved. Chihon Biotechnology has gained own intellectual property of the products.