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Natamycin 50% in Salt--NataPro S50

NataPro S50 is a natural antifungal that the Natamycin mixed in Salt. Natamycin is a fungicidal antimycotic of the polyene macrolide group. It is produced by the species of Streptomyces and multistep extracted. NataPro S50 is used in Juice, Ferment wine, Bake food Ect.

Usage levels

The recommended dosages of NataPro S50 is in the range 4—40 mg per kg or litre of food. Exact dosage cannot be stated as it depends on the nature of the product for which it is intended.

Usage Method

NataPro S50 can be added directly to the food as a dry powder or a pre-suspension in water or alcohol. NataPro S50 can be added to heat processed foods by thorough dispersion in the food substrate. Advice avoid process temperature exceed 100℃.


NataPro S50 is composed of:

Natamycin min. 50%
Water max. 8%
Salt approximately 42%
All percentages are by weight.

Quity Stand:




White to off white Powder No. taste

Assay(On anhydrous base)






Total Plate Count .

≤100CFU/G Max

E. Coli

Negative In 25g


Negative In 25g

Listeria monocyt

Negative In 25g

Heavy metals


Arsenic (As)


Mercury (Hg)


Lead (Pb)



500g*20bottles/carton; 100g*100bottles/carton; as customer requests.

Storage Conditions:

Store unopened under 20℃ In dry conditions, away from direct sunlight. When opened, store under 20℃ in original container in dry conditions, away from direct sunlight. Shelf life is 18 months when stored according to recommendations.